Healing with Kirsten

Kirsten is a qualified and heartfelt Yoga Instructor, reiki practitioner, 

among other things.


She is deeply passionate about creating support, connection in-power-meant through the conscious practice of

'Yoga'...  Union.

She has been practicing Yoga under her mentor, Carmen Lee-Schneider @lovelifeliveyoga for many years completely various workshops, mentoring programs and began teaching during her first preganancy in 2017.


Kirsten truly enjoys coming back to

the roots of Yoga, of ‘union’ with Self,

by encouraging acceptance, patience,

compassion and most importantly



Asanas (poses) open & strengthen the body to allow freedom of movMEANT.  Pranayama (breathwork) allows us to release stress creating space and to oxygenate our body bringing vitality & balance.

Come INjoy your breath, the movement of your body, the present of presence and lets play!


‘A flower does not think of

competing to the flower next to it,

it just BLOOMS’

- Zen Shin







A 90 minuite healing session, intuitively guided for your highest good.

This session will weave the following practices & medicine

leaving you feeling so soft, held and full of gratitude.


chakra analysis & discussion


yoga asana, pranayama, mudras


healing with Womb

Wake - my medicine drum




guided meditation


card reading


spiritual guidance

$188 per session

Online via zoom or in person if local.

We are shifting your vibration from stress/fear

into a state of gratitude, grace and belonging. 



Reiki Healing Sessions


Reiki is a gentle hands on energy healing.


"rei' means Universal Life

'ki' means Energy

'Universal energy' is channelled through the practioners palms activating

the natural healing abilities of your body and restoring physical &

emotional wellbeing. Be it to your Highest good. 

1 x 60 minute session / $80


3 x 60 minute sessions /$200

if you have never received reiki or had 3 sessions of within a close time frame,

it is recommend you receive 3 session within the same week if possible,

for optimal healing and support.

Contact to book your time or ask any questions