33 days of deep tender care and self exploration as we gather in private Facebook group together.


I will be dosing you with daily self loving practices, which will be different each day as will be intuitively guided for the day/moments energy.


I will offer meditation, basic yoga flow, pranayama, mudras (hand yoga), self soothing practices, journal prompts and affirmations all supporting the rewiring of our behaviours/habits.


We are exploring tangible ways to weave care and caress into your physical actions and mental thoughts. 


We are training our body and brain,  reprogramming our self with deep passion and intention.


Observing our self as we journey through tuning into our inner seasons and feeling our unique flow through a full lunar cycle together. 


To support your nervous system and sooth your soul, I am guiding 33 min Yoga & Meditation practice each Sunday morning. That is four/five seperate pratices. Simple, gentle and basic practices - modifictaions available. 


Along with a special sacred gathering and meditation for the...


New Moon on 17th Oct

Full Moon on 1st Nov

Super New Moon on 15th Nov


All of these sessions you can join LIVE or simply tune into the energy at your own pace and time with the replays.


May we surrender into support of gathering and sharing safe and sacred space with one another, dear sistars.


Reach out with any concerns or questions x 


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