This is a 10 day exploration and journey is about PLEASURE, PLAY and PRESENCE.




We are doing the damn work, but not in a way that feels strained or any form of pressure on our Self.


We are using Mudra practice (hand yoga) and meditation and yoga as our devotion in this 10 day exploration of Self and have some chats about living the three Immutable (unchangeable) hermitic laws...


Law of Menatlism / Making Magic in the Mundane

Law of Corespondence / Conscious Consumption

Law of Vibration / Deep Daily Devotion


I invite you to be open and curious to exploring your depths with delight...


I have three discussions on tangiable ways of living, LOVING & weaving these into your life, or more accuratley uncovering what has always been there. As well as the previous rounds listed in the UNITS if you want to tap into more practices. 


We are being held in circle together in private Facebook group, each day there is a intuitively guided meditation/yoga and mudra practice to tune into LIVE or catch the replay as many times as you like. 


I welcome you all to commit to the daily devotion of the day.


This is your own self commitment, so how much you show up is completely up to you.

I am simply here to hold the space and invite you to lean in deeper each day. 






Earth Star Chakra - connection to Gaia

Root Chakra - grounding practice

Sacral Chakra - movement

Solar Plexus - pranayama 

Heart Chakra - meditation

Throat Chakra - chant / affirmation

Third Eye - visualisation 

Crown Chakra - lotus flower meditation

Soul Star Chakra - meditation/presence

Rainbow Meditation - energy expansion meditation


You will have forever access to this space to stay commited and supported in the devotional practices we have learnt together. 


Lets get juicy! 


here is the Facebook group link to get started once you make payment:

SENSE-ational Seduction of Self


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