A 5 week journey into 5 devotional practices to shift and MOVE our energy from lack, scarcity and fear and into divine peace, power and prosperity.
We begin with an Animal Prosperity Guide Meditation to connect and commune with the animal here to support and guide us through this journey together.

Week 1 / Ether • communion with your guide
Week 2 / Earth • sacred space & roots 
Week 3 / Air • mind set & programming
Week 4 / Water • purification & nourishment 
Week 5 / Fire • ignition & inspired action 

5 = master of change, flow, adapt, thrive, possibility, high energy, fresh
55 = personal freedom, independence, new beginings, exploration, adventure.
555 = BIG change, baby!
Playing closely with enhancing your own intuitive skill and spiritual self esteem, each week we explore and implement a practice into our daily life and observe as opportunitues arise and perceptions shifts to a new truth, a new reality.
The practices are intuitively led and may include or be a combination of:pranayama ( breath control), guided meditation, Intuitive Intelligence tapping, chanting, affirmations, movement practices & yoga asana.
Let us open and expand our energy celebrating and surrendering into a new paradigm, a new way of living and BEing...
Practices will be held weekly via Zoom and available in our private Facebook group (our sacred container).
Thursdays 2pm to 3pm AEST • replay available to access anytime.
Pre play begins June 24th (Thursday) 
First practice July 1st (Thursday)
Last practice July 29th (Thursday)
Includes intuitive playwork & prompts to bust your beliefs and expand your capacity to RECEIVE and REST in Divine peace, power and prosperity.
$255 - access to the private Facebook group content and this delicious container of energy for 5 weeks.
$555 - additional 1:1 support over the 5 weeks via Snapchat or email to receive private, playful and personal guidance to support you even more deeply. Receive 5 x 30 min Energy Evaluation (chakra check in and chat) each week of the program.
*PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE - simply direct message to discuss terms & conditions as specified in the info section.
Here is the link to private 'Magick Moves with Birdee' facebook group to begin after your purchase: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351502149485163/?ref=share
*when purchasing just choose 'local pick up' so no shipping charge appears.

Magick Moves

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