As we commit to connection we naturally release our attachments. Join me as I hold and love the depths of you for 40 days.


We journey together using practices and tools I use on the daily to keep me anchored and feeling held within all phases, pieces and parts of the process.


As we break the addiction to our fears and connect more deeply to source - to our Divine Self.


/ Opening cermeony and intention setting

/ 4 practices with new content being added each LIVE round

/ optional PLAYwork and prompts

/ Closing & continuing ceremony


Self paced exploration to exploring your relationships with the things we use to cope or 'survive'. Let's THRIVE!


Next live rounds begins MAY 1ST...


$84 for Facebook group access

$244 for Facebook group access and 1:1 Snapchat support for 40 days


*click local pickup on check out so it doesnt charge you a shipping fee. 

DEVOUR Your Addiction