Join Kirsten, also known as Birdee, for a fun introduction into chanting! 

If you have been to any of my recent yoga classes at the studio you may have heard me sing the Gayatri Mantra at the end of class. 

It is so dear to my heart and has changed my life immensely by deepening my sense of a Self, especially when practiced daily. 

I am so passionate about opening our throat chakra energy and allowing our vibration and expression to flow freely. 

In this playshop we are going to explore and get comfortable with:

• SO YUM chant 


• Gayatri Mantra / the short version 

This playshop will come with a printed copy of these chants with pronunciation so they are easy to follow along with. 

I will also share my current knowledge and understanding of each to allow deeper understanding into what it is we are speaking and expressing and why. 

These are beautiful tools to implement and accompany into your yoga practice at home. 

If you have a mala bead necklace you would like to bring that would be fantastic as I will be using mine to guide some of our practice. Not necessary though. 

I also welcome you to bring along your journal as we will have time for reflection after each chant. 

There will be fresh tea and vegan treats to enjoy together at the end of practice. 

I look forward to enjoy feeling all the glorious vibrations of our voices together in the beautiful acoustics of the studio! 

Any questions please let me know by messaging @birdeesblessings or 

Namaste 🙏🏼

Chanting Playshop

Chanting Playshop
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