This beautiful offering is where I will, with passionately focused intention & attention, connect to an animal spirit guide that is wanting to commune with us at this time. I say 'us' because you have come here for certain medicine that we unlock together, for eachother. I hold the container yet you fill it up, and we both share in the wonder of these beautiful messages & insights. You have just as much insight, medicine and power as I, and these offerings are for you to remember this. 


As I have been deependng my own practie to Earth Mother (Gaia) & to the messages of the animal guides that have been coming in & out through my life, I feel it is time to continue deepening even further into this joyous exploration with you all.


With deep intention and as part of the ritual of crafting these special pieces, I go out exploring and consciously collect specific crystals (normally 1 larger piece plus any smaller pieces & crysal chips), flowers, herbs & other natural gifts of Earth that feel at Home on your Candle. Every candle is YOUnique, in its colour, scent & adornments.


This offering includes a 30 minute Reading, via private YouTube link, of me explaining & exploring the craft, inclusions and other insights and feels. The intention is to make true change within your Self, which is why I will offer & add any tools that feel necessary such as meditation, pranayama or specific pratice for you to implement or explore for your Self. 


For example, the candle pictured here is of BEAR. The crystal adorned in the centre represents Bear's paw, his profound presence, protective & grounding energy. Bear will protect and KILL whatever is not serving him, but not out of sport or fun, ONLY for Protection. This is the medicine of bear, that death to our old beliefs, to our fears, to our decisions we think were 'right' or 'wrong', any limitations at all, bear strikes them down. The message of BEAR is also one of deep REST & hibernation, so deepening into our Self care pratices and tools is vital in recovery & healing our Self on every level - physical, emotional, mentally, spiritually. Allow your Self the time to truly allow the process of healing (returning to Love) to flow & transform on every level. The small rocks and crystal chips placed around the candle represents SCAT, yep you read right, SHIT. This is a message that the 'waste' you see around you, is a trophy of consumption. Of consuming your lessons in this Life and RELEASING the old beliefs/waste no longer needed in this body/this form. It is time for RELEASE, REST & return to your innate Wisdom within your glorious BEAR body!  


These beautiful Goddess Bowls are so perfect and simply elegant with triple wooden wick. They burn for approxiamtely 40-45 hours. The sweet comforting sound of wood crackling as you light shines, bask in the beautiful energy & vibration...


Made to order, expect 14 days (minimum) to be crafted and on its way to you. The reason these take time is because they are Intuitive, meaning they are not just medicine for you, but medicine for me. I cannot place a specific timeframe on these as they are sacred and NOT to be rushed. I appreciate your patience and understanding of this when ordering. All in divine timing, my dears x


Animal Spirit Talisman Candle

  • Please remove all large items from the candle, to ensure burns correctly. You can place these items on the lid which I like to call a 'blessing bowl'. Add your own extra pieces if you feel called on the Blessing Bowl to weave even more magic to your Light... 

  • 100% natural soy wax. Vegetable based dye. Natural Fragrances - generally made from ingredients harvested from sustainably grown plants. They mainly consist of natural isolates which is a single chemical isolated from a plant that contains a particular smell. These aromatic raw materials are usually obtained through distillation, expression and extraction much like essential oils. Natural fragrances are complex compositions of natural aromatic raw materials such as essential oils, isolates, resins, distillates and extracts. Each are skilfully combined by perfumists and blended together, to produce the desired end smell. 100% natural - no nasties!

    Alternatively, I can craft UNSCENTED IF YOU CHOOSE - please leave comment when ordering.