WTF is even Intuition?

It is your gut feeling.

No wait, it comes from your Third Eye, doesn’t it?

Or is it the from your Heart?

I’ll just flip a coin.

That was literally my feels & the coin or nearest-object-that-is-flippable was always my go-to when being indecisive. However, I was really getting sick of feeling so much uncertainty all of the time, so I really got committed and continued to place my energy & attention onto flexing my metaphorical Intuitive muscles! It has been a huge & beautiful journey of discovery so far, fine tuning and surrendering into Self. It can be so confusing & difficult to grasp what Intuition even is to begin with, let alone how we can actively tune in to this innate super power, so let me share my experience thus far and what I’m up to this year.

I took the leap. When I first got introduced to Dr Ricci-Jane Adams it was via an invitation to her Facebook group ‘I am Spiritually Fierce’ that a friend had sent me. I was so deeply activated every time I watched the content. I soon had a vivid dream I was training with RJ and I just KNEW. And now here I am! Accepted & enrolled as baby Priestess at the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. I have walked through the Third Level door to train as a modern day mystic, a ‘Fear Huntress‘ as RJ fiercely describes. This is a year long cocoon, being challenged to get the fuck out of my own way, go inward & turn too mush. I am being Loved fiercely as I go deep within my own fear programs as my Third Level sisters hold me safe in my transformation. It is incredible & such an honor to be here. So let me get on with bringing your my first assignment, chatting a bit about the Science behind Intuition, so that we may all have more clarity & understanding.

Starting at the centre of it all, your Heart. Thanks to HeartMath Institute we know that there is a cluster of 40 000 neurons in your Heart, which is the same ‘smart stuff’ that is in your brain, however less quantity and are spread out. It has been concluded that the Heart-brain is actually 100 times stronger than your Cranial-brain. Isn’t it interesting we have come to believe that everything comes from the mind when in actual fact, the hearts communication to the head is stronger than your head to your heart.

Isn’t that beautiful? Does that make you feel more powerful and informed on how we are crafted to thrive? When you take a moment to slow down, feel into your breath, this moment, feel it, you literally breath into your heart space. Our body is constantly trying to pull us into presence, into the centre of you, expanding and contracting. Every moment a rebirth.

We know from the Law of Attraction we are in constant communion, sending out vibrations, your frequency, as well as receiving from everything around you. That we are energy & therefore give off electromagnetic fields, as does everything else. Which is why this exploration is vital. If we are subconsciously playing fear programs, holding those dense frequencies, no matter how many affirmations we do or how strong our yoga practice is or how hard we are working, if we have these underlying signals, nothing is changing on the external.

We can understand from the Law of Vibration that all is One, everything is energy, we are all parts of the whole. It is explained beautifully with quote from Rumi, ‘You are not a drop in the Ocean, you are the entire Ocean in a drop’ quote. Therefore when we come into this deep heart centred understanding of One-ness, we are kinder more patient or helpful to one another. By utilising & honing your skill of ‘calling out your bullshit’, you can shift these programs holding us in the illusion of separation. Your Intuition is your super power, your innate ability to communicate with God, Divine, The Universe, etc. Let’s go a little deeper than this & explore the types of Intuition.

According to HeartMath Institute there are the following: implicit knowledge, energetic sensitivity and non local intuition (which is what our Third Level training is all about).

- Implicit Knowledge is like prior knowledge, learnt from previous experiences, it’s like a second nature because of having continual repetitive experience. For example a doctor or mechanic, can perceive the problem just by seeing the similar symptoms, certain noises, etc. They are accessing knowledge that has been earned over time, not something from the infinite field.

- Energetic Sensitivity is like our Gut Instinct, such as when you walk into a room and can feel the tension or vibe of the room. We are constantly sending out frequency just as we are receiving from our environment, our body and nervous system detect electromagnetic and other types of energic signals in the environment. This is empathy, which actually everyone has the ability to be/have, as we are constantly collecting information this way. It is part of how we are built.

- Non-local Intuition is in short, connecting to the One mind, God-mind. The information received cannot be explained by environmental signals, forgotten or past knowledge. Even though it is accessible to all of us it takes a dedicated level of discipline and devotion to activate in a masterful way, like I mentioned earlier, it is like working a muscle which takes dedication, practice & correct form.

This information all gives me a sense of power back. When we can open ourself to the understanding and mechanics behind the scenes, we can truly come to appreciate how divinely crafted we are. We literally are all making ripples and waves, every moment.

We must see our body as an instrument, and if we can discipline ourselves with deep compassion and care, take the time out to slow down, come back to the heart, this is how we tune into the most beautiful symphony of Life.

If you want to continue to learn along with me as I share my journey with the Institute and delve deeper into all the juicy heart-feel things, then please comment or share with anyone you feel called. So deeply appreciated.

The light within me acknowledges the light within you.


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