Who is Birdee?

So this was just going to be a Instagram Post but then I just kept writing & decided to do a Blog post so I can share all the pretty pictures! he he For anyone new over here and because I don't think I’ve done a full proper intro before, here it is...

I’m Kirsten!

My family has always called me by my nickname ‘Berty’ which my sister just started calling me when we were little because she couldn’t say ‘Kirsten’. If anyone remembers the Berty Beetle chocolates (which are still around) my family use to call me Berty beetle as well which is why the lady beetle is a beautiful comforting spirit animal for me. She always comes to me in times I need to feel safe and at home.

I love the symbology of animals! Just a couple of years ago I was picking up one of my gorgeous nephews, Riley, from school to take to the park to play. He was always so excited to see me & this day he pointed at me and gestured to his friends ‘Look! Look! Birdee’s here!’ flapping his arms like a bird. This was the first moment I made that connection with my nickname to birds.

I absolutely love the symbology of flight, higher perspective, freedom, intuitive travel & nesting. Which is where the seed was planted for what is now ‘Birdee’s Blessings’.


A bit about me...

I am a big believer that ‘things aren’t the way they are, they are the way we are’

which I feel puts us back in control of our self, our reactions and

gives us freedom of choice in the life we wish to lead.

Crow Pose at Elliot Heads Beach

You guys can see I’m a Yoga addict and it’s my true joy and passion to teach! To play and have fun is the foundation to my practice because its important to nurture & connect with our inner child. I feel each time I get on my mat the deeper I unravel myself, you’ll be noticing more free movement & dance being incorporated into my recent videos over at @yogawithkirsten social pages because I’m so drawn to this form of movement at the moment. More fluid, more free, more intuitive movements, ahhh! I love it!

I always wanted to break dance as a kid and all I could manage with my self conscious & un-co self was the worm! *insert massive laughing emoji* I thought I was so cool! but now I find this joy in my inversion practice. It is so empowering and freeing to me, to know my body deeply enough and have faith in myself to get upside down and try more challenging and sometimes scary things! Maybe I’ll attend a break dancing class in the near future now I'm far more coordinated!

I found my passion in Chakras of course through my yoga practice and its just been ongoing study and self development for the last 4 years of practising. I didn't find my passion in birthing, breastfeeding and motherhood until of course I fell pregnant at the end of 2016 right as I quit my motel office management/hospitality job I had been at for 5 1/2 years! It has been the biggest eye opening and unravelling thing!

I feel SO BLESSED to be a Womban,

to have these experiences &

opportunities to do my part in this Life,

to shine light and love,

to birth and create,

to inspire and be inspired!

My absolute favourite quote I would like to end with that shifted a lot for me

and that I hope you can feel deeply into as well is...

One of my gorgeous Maternity photos shot by @reneeeloisephotography

And with that, a reminder...

Spread your wings,

Have faith in the flight,

Lead with an open heart,

Allow the wind to carry you so effortlessly,

When you need to take rest,

Feel the security of the Earth always beneath you,

You are a being of such beauty.


Birdee x

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