Kueen Bee, welcome to this healing hive...

Incredibly excited for the birth and announcement of my ‘baby’ that has been brewing for such a long time…

Are you standing on the edge of the cliff, wondering whether you will fall or whether you will fly?

Has the 'weather of your life' taking its toll on you - physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually?

If you have found yourself landing here, Kueen Bee, it is because their is 'work' to be done and far more Divine peace, power, prosperity, PLAY and pleasure to embody and anchor into our life!

This little faerie-heart of mine combined with my cancerian (Sun, Moon & Rising, wuhhhhh) crab-nature has weaved together this very sacred and deeply supportive 'healing hive' for us to:

• enhance our awareness of the 'ways in which we are wired' - we explore all layers of Self.

• build an anchored connection to Source energy - the Divine, Spirit, God, higher-Self, Infinite, Higher Order, Universe, Goddess, Sophia, ‘The Great Teacher’ etc.

• cultivate TRUST in our self and others by 'digging our roots into safe soils' - building authentic relationships.

• ooze and soften into the healing nectar that is our YOUnique medicine to be shared with others - at our own pace and only if we so choose.

We do this together by creating space for ceremony and time of reflection to explore our unique connection and flex our 'intuitive muscles'. Learning and loving together!

Thank you for landing here with me.

Birdee Renee' Rose

Housewitch & Mother, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, devoted Doula, Arising Author.

Below I have clearly displayed an overview. See the tiers and full details here: www.Patreon.con/BirdeesHeart

🧘🏻‍♀️ YIN / Rest & Receive.

$11 per month.

• 1 x 30 minute Self Mastery Magick Session

• Access to #HoneyKueenHive Podcast

🤸🏻 YANG / Take Action & Lead.

$11 per month.

• 1 x 30 minute Self Mastery Magick Session

• Access to #HoneyKueenHive Podcast

☯️ YIN & YANG / Phase & Feel.

$20 per month.

• 2 x 30 minute Self Mastery Magick Sessions

• Access to #HoneyKueenHive Podcast


🔥 #CANDLE CAULDRON COVEN / Tend to your roots and take care of your crown.

$222 per month

• 1 x Welcome, HoneyKueen #CandleCauldronCoven Mystery Box with 30 min private online intuitive reading (upon initial sign up).

• 2 x 30 minute Self Mastery Magick Sessions (Yin & Yang)

• 1 x Moon-thly #CandleCauldronCoven Mystery Box

• Access to #HoneyKueenHive Podcast

• Intuitive Play-shops / Guidance


*all tiers are cancel anytime, come and go as you please, sweet Bee.

* #CandleCauldronCoven is limited at 12 patrons, as we are an intimate circle of Wicked Witches and I must honour my capacity & current capabilities.

* first payment charged at initial sign up, then on the 1st of every month.


All the things: here

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