Facing Fear in my Deep Doula Dreams

I love delving into the meanings & messages of my dreams. Since I began writing all I could remember in my Dream Journal it has really helped me remember most of them quite clearly now and acknowledge the insights they offer me with precision. Some just ‘randomly’ pop back into the forefront of my mind sometimes, I find it so intriguing!

A few of my dreams have been like premonitions and come true and it really made me feel so deeply connected. Im so grateful for the experiences. I have been doing so much work in reclaiming my physic gifts, which we are all capable of and have. But its like a muscle, you have to train. And girl, I have been work work work work working!

If your looking to do the same here are some things that have worked for me to enhance my vibration/awareness...

JOURNAL • Like I mentioned above this was pivotal for me to recall, understand and navigate my dreams and emotions.

FOOD • eating plant based, vegan especially for me is so important in avoiding consuming violence and life-less energy. I thrive on colourful & bright, full of live nutrient water foods! This is the perfect diet/lifestyle for my make up specifically too. Look into your blood type, dosha (Ayurveda), astrology, and work out what elements best work to balance you and see what your body enjoys best. There is no one size fits all, hence why there are so many different diets/religions/lifestyles in Life, the are all branches on the same tree. Really take the time to understand your own individual body.

WATER • drinking loads of filtered water which is especially important for me as a Pitta type (dosha) and as a Stellium Cancerian (4 planets in Cancer, out of the 10 I have 8 that are Yin signs, so its important for me to flowwwwww & stay hydrated).

STRESS EQUAL TO RELAXATION • avoiding gossip, aggression, stress, other low vibrational energies/behaviour is not always possible. We learn a lot from these experiences, they can be necessary for growth, and most of the time unavoidable. Acknowledge this. We will never be 'stress free' but we can match our stress with relaxation and other practices that boost our oxytocin levels. For example, simple candle light, gentle massage or loving touch without any 'expectations' afterward or 5 min walk under the moon light are great basic ways to boost the LOVE hormone. Don't wait until you are burnt out! Relaxation should be a foundation to your lifestyle. Walk barefoot and be in nature regularly to transmute heavy energy and rebalance.

BATH • taking regular detox baths and soaking in the Ocean for beautiful cleansing and balancing practice. Of course the Cancerian Crab in me really feels deep comfort by the Ocean.

FACING FEAR • doing shadow work/facing sub conscious patterning, acknowledging fears head on. I do this by regularly seeing an EFT (emotional freedom technique) Counsellor and taking time out for my self to reflect often. And doing things that challenge my comfort zones, such as learning new inversions or tricks on the trampoline, public speaking, etc.

OWN IT • taking personal responsibility for my internal and the external World with compassion, trust and faith.

TUNE IN NOT OUT • practicing yoga (or whatever form of exercise/movement you truly enjoy) is really important to intuitively feel and interpret the messages of your body. Trusting my body's communication, when it is in pain, it is talking to me; what's' the block? What emotion (energy in motion) am I holding that needs my attention so I can flow freely? Reach out to a professional or trusted friend to help and hold loving safe space. I do this often and have created a web of support for me to always land softy when I need rest and reflect time.

All of these things and more so I can gain clearer insights/perspective in my Life, in what I'm creating and contributing. Of course, these are things that I feel are important and made rapid changes for me, it can be different for everyone. I always encourage to tune inward to seek the answer for YOU.

So, back to dreams. I had one recently where a Kangaroo and a Seal both came toward me.

And then not long after, I had another dream of Kangaroos/Wallabies forcing themselves into my house with their babies they have just birthed.

I took this photo on recent trip to Bunya Mountains. There were hundres of them all over the Mountain, was so beautiful to see al the babies!

I felt it was not ‘natural’ for me as a 'human' to be taking care of these babies that should be birthed and cared for in nature.

But they kept forcing themselves back in. I couldn't help, I just kept returning them back outside and one the Mother Wallabies bit me fiercely and wouldn't let go of my fingers. The babies were falling apart and dieing because I was refusing to help.

When I woke, I was pondering this dream as it was very prominent and I knew there was something deep here for me to uncover about myself and my fears. I made the connection about the Kangaroo in my first dream with the Seal, and now all of these baby Kangaroo/Wallabies in my second dream so I looked for the connection.

The night before I had this dream I had been writing down my fears of becoming a Doula and the reasons I'm ‘not’ doing it - so not for some type of recognition, or for a ‘I'm a hero’ feel good about my self/life feeling, as I should be so deeply connected and standing in my power I don't need some kind of external special recognition to validate my work. I already have the grace and gratitude that I'm doing my work with pure intention, its between me and my Higher Self/Source/Divine/God-ess. No one else. Not for the financial gain, or be in some kind of competition with other birth workers (midwifes/hospital/etc), so I can go ‘see, told you so’ or some other ‘I'm above you’ concept trying to feed ego unnecessarily and create separation. Absolutely everyone and everything has its place.

My truest desire and intention is to simply hold that Sacred Birthing space for Birth parents to be completely supported and free to connect within the depth of their Self and see that Divine spark of INpowerment Ignite and continue to Bloom! I want them to be proud and awake to their divinity, power and resilience through the Birthing experience, in whatever way that unfolds.

So back to my dreams again, after a search on the animal meanings, Kangaroo represents deep desire to nurture, so I have this deep longing to nurture birth parents & their babies. However in my dream I felt it wasn't natural for me to do this, but then the ah-ha happened -

we as humans are animals, we as humans are created from the Divine, the same source that created every animal, every plant, every mineral, all things. We as humans have natural intuitive instincts. We have simply forgotten and need to reawaken to these natural gifts.

We are all intertwined and connected, of course its okay for me to do this work, be of service and use my innate gifts. The mothers were coming to me for assistance and if turned my back to this work, there would be suffering for me (my poor fingers) and them. Ah! Thanks for the gentle nudge to get my butt into gear, guys ha ha

The Seal represents a Teacher that comes into my life to guide me through this work, hence why the Seal & Kangaroo were together in my first dream, they were showing me it was specifically for my Birth Work I’d gain a Teacher. The Seal also teaches me to go with the flow, sway through the watery depth and enjoy the changing tides of Life.

I am so thankful and heart so full to have this connection and communication to my Self through my dreams. It is a very significant gift I cherish and that is accessible to everyone. I am no ‘special’ person, we all have gifts and abilities, tune in, connect and most importantly enjoy the exploration!

I hope you have gained some insight or inspiration from me sharing this. It is important for me to be open, vulnerable and transparent. I'm allowing myself to be seen so those that resonate with me and my work can connect.

With waves of deep expansive love from my Heart to yours,

Birdee x

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