5 Basic Prenatal Yoga Poses for Mind, Body & Baby

I am so very passionate about listening and honoring our bodies. I believe they speak to us through discomfort and pain and I have found practicing Yoga asanas helped me immensely by allowing me to tune into what I needed during each stage of my pregnancy.

It is not simply just the physical poses that helped open and strengthen my body, but my mind was also strengthened and empowered. Negative thoughts and feelings were acknowledged and feeled to be freed. The discomfort, expectations, tension and fear were softened and surrended. I was brought back to my breath and anchored in each moment. Try these gentle poses to honor your self and take the time to listen and tune in, BREATHE.

Please ensure you consult your midwife or doctor before doing any physical activities.

Special care & attention is required during pregnancy as every body & baby is different.



This asana is so grounding and empowering. It is so very beneficial and I encourage you to practice this one every day!

How to enter the pose - First start in standing position with feet a little wider then hip distance, point toes outward a little and ensure toes are spread and pressing firmly into the Earth. Feel your feet grounded here. Take a deep inhale and as you begin to exhale gently bend your knees and sink your hips toward the floor, perhaps use your hands in front to help support you. You can also find support using a wall behind you. Keep trying to sink down into hips as you keep chest and face lifted, you want to refrain from shrugging your shoulders and curving your back.

Useful props - Perhaps place a pillow or some blocks under your hips for support. Don’t worry if you need to use these props, eventually as you practice and stretch regularly your hips will open and you will sink deeper into this pose. This is fantastic support for your lower back and opens the groin and hips.

GOLDEN TIP - Practice pelvic floor exercises here! You can do this by taking an inhale then as you exhale squeeze in the pelvic floor (like you are trying to stop from peeing) and draw upward, hold for a few seconds or as long as you can before gently and slowly releasing. Repeat and continue to try hold longer each time. This is fantastic for supporting your baby and body as it grows and strengthens your 'Magic Mama Muscles' for birth.

I really encourage to stretch into hips daily especially when pregnant as we can tend to store a lot of emotion here, most of the time unconsciously. Daily practice will allow them to come to surface and release with ease.


Puppy Pose & Downward Facing Dog are not only great at opening and strengthening shoulders and back but can also be useful pose to practice during labour if you need to slow things down. Downward dog is virtually a full body stretch and strengthen however it is especially fantastic for stretching hamstrings and calves. Perhaps stick to Puppy Pose during Third Trimester, it is so important to listen to what feels right for you.

How to enter the pose - Starting in Table top position ensuring knees are under hips, and palms are aligned under shoulders. Draw shoulders away from ears and keep lower belly tucked and during in toward your spine. Keep your gaze to the floor as you move to Puppy Pose by keeping hips still and simply walking palms forward so you can melt your chest toward the floor. If this feels enough stay here otherwise if you feel it is available to you come into your Downward Facing Dog by first coming back to Table top position then lifting hips up and back, as you melt your chest and draw shoulders apart. Perhaps bending the knees a lot here if you have tight hamstrings, trying to focus on drawing heels toward the floor.

Useful prop - if you have sensitive knees place a folded blanket or a pillow under knees for support.

GOLDEN TIP - Ensure inner palms are always pressing into the floor to protect your wrists and always keep gentle bend in the elbows instead of putting pressure on your elbows by locking.


Such a challenging yet powerful pose! Channel your inner Warrior Goddess here as you strenghten your body and find that delicate balance between effort and effortless.

How to enter the pose - Starting in Tadasana (standing position) draw one knee into chest and then gentle send it back to come into a high lunge. Place back heel down so outside of your foot is parrallel to back of the mat, front toes are facing foward. Front-heel and back-arch are in line. Spread ten toes and feel grounded through the feet, as you bend the front knee so it comes above the ankle. Hips are open to the side and chest is directly above hips. Roll your shoulders up and back to draw away from ears. Feel energy in your arms as they stretch in opposite direction, spreading fingers, palms face down. Upper arms drawing externally as lower arm & hands drawing down internally. Gaze looking toward front hand as you soften your face and jaw.

GOLDEN TIP - simply drop your hands to hips if you need to rest upper body. Keep drawing inner thighs together to fire up your legs and feel more secure in your lower body.

4 • SEATED WIDE LEG with option to transition to BADDHA KONASANA (BUTTERFLY)

Beautiful stretch for your hamstrings & to open hips here! Either stay upright and option to use a wall for support or you can gently fold forward to increase the stretch. Either way, meditate and embrace your beautiful body here!