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Intuitive Goddess Bowl

"Wowowowowowow! BABE! So so fu-king gorgeous! My heart is so Happy! Thank you! 


—  Zen, @wildandwanderphotography


A deep & wholehearted Thank You for being here.



With every handcrafted gift of Light,

each heart centered offering,

let us  Igniite passion deep within, 

may our petals unfold & Bloom s


If you want to get to know me more, binge on my Blog  

After some of my handcrafted Intuitive goodies or other online offerings, 

Shop all the beautiful things!


If you want to come hang out with me for Doula loving, Yoga playing,

Reiki healing or other offerings, then let's do it, Connect with me!


I offer & hold two online sacred spaces..  

Birdees Garden  & Birdees Nest


The Garden is a free private Facebook Group,

to space to bask in your own sunshine,

bathe in your inner waters & blossom from within.

First, I ask that you please 'take off your shoes'

spread your toes & walk barefoot with us...


If you would like to vibe more deeply into devotional practices,

playshops, pranayama, mini yoga sessions, monthly siSTAR circle,

and more juicy COME-UNITY goodness,

I invite and welcome you to come into the Nest... 

A seasonal membership to private Facebook Group.

Allow my warm wings to hold you securely,

My bossum to comfort you & when you feel ready to hatch,

Take the leap of deep FAITH and FLY free...

Coming Soon

Many blessings,

Kirsten / Birdee



Magick Moves 

Magick Moves

Magick Moves


5 guided practices - 5 weeks 

SENSE-a tional

10 day daily devotional practices

SENSE-ational Seduction of Self

SENSE-ational Seduction of Self


Sof ten

33 days of self loving & soothing practices in rhythm with mama moon




In tui tive Collec tion

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