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40 days - practices & prompts  to commit to connection


Welcome to my heART

 Devoted Doula s Union Yogi s Morphing Mother

 Intuitive Intelligence Trainer s


A deep & wholehearted Thank You for being here.



With every handcrafted gift of Light,

each heart centered offering,

let us  Igniite passion deep within, 

may our petals soften & Unfurl s


If you want to get to know me more,

binge on my Blog &  Podcas t

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If you wanna hang out with me for Doula loving,

Yoga playing, Reiki healing or desire some

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I offer & hold a beautiful complimentary online sacred space,

that holds a library of free resources....  


The Grow th Garden  is a private Facebook Group,

a space to bask in your own sunshine,

bathe in your inner waters & blossom from within.

First, I ask that you please 'take off your shoes'

spread your toes & walk barefoot with us...

Connect with me even more deeply in the below #SafeSoils and events... 

Showering blessings,

Kirsten / Birdee



Sof ten

33 days of self loving & soothing prompts & practices 
in rhythm with mama moon

 5 weeks journeying into our layers using  the aid of the elements

Magick Moves 

In tui tive Candle Cauldron Gallery